Amrit Asmi...its all within, is blessed with the name of my Guruji, Vilakshan Avdhoot Baba Shri Amrit Nathji Maharaj. With His blessings, the intention of our organization is to facilitate our students and clients to discover the divinity within, the power within in all their roles and forms in life, to grow personally and professionally.

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About Founder & Chief Trainer

Sweta Chowdhury

Sweta Chowdhury, Founder and Chief Trainer at Amrit Asmi Institute of Living Life, a bestselling author, a counseling psychologist and a clinical hypnotherapist, a regression therapist, is a soft skills & life skills trainer. A licensed NLP practitioner, a healer, she is practicing counseling in Guwahati, New Delhi, Mumbai and other places. She conducts training programs all over India. READ MORE

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