We offer certificate programs to seekers to enhance skills to heal self and others. We have special workshops focussing on specific psychological and sociological techniques which can enhance our performance personally and professionally.

Our Certificate Programs are designed to equip self with defined skills and amazing techniques of special healing modalities

One-to-one counselling sessions to make any aspect of our lives better. In this, we attempt to offer resolutions to our relationships issues, conflict within, discovering the life journey and life plan, understanding karmas, psychological being, past life regression therapies, personality assessment and in-depth personality analysis, accentuating love for self, handling fears and phobias, anxiety issues, issues related to kids or just letting oneself free to express and share without having the fear of being judged or exclaimed to.

We offer other various skills based programs as well.

Some are management oriented modules, some are psychology based trainings while some are healing modalities workshops.

One can get in touch with us for further detail. You are welcome to register with us and enrol when our batches and dates are declared and refreshed from time to time!