Amrit Asmi...its all within, is blessed with the name of my Guruji, Vilakshan Avdhoot Baba Shri Amrit Nathji Maharaj. With His blessings, the intention of our organization is to facilitate our students and clients to discover the divinity within, the power within in all their roles and forms in life, to grow personally and professionally. The word ‘Amrit’ is the purest and most divine form which all of us long for in our lives. The word ‘Asmi’ means ‘I am’. We believe that we all have our divinity within us, hence the name..’Amrit Asmi’....its all within..

AMRIT ASMI INSTITUTE OF LIVING LIFE, an ISO Certified Institute offers a consolidated and colourful bouquet of various training, counselling and consultancy services. With our training and counselling services, we intend to be with you to discover your true essence by enriching our various skills, be it communication, leadership, parenting, managerial, being in any relationship, be it spiritual...we insist on holistic development.

What We Do

We attempt to positively affect our students and clients by inspiring them in their personal, social & professional environments. In doing so, we renew their respect for themselves and for each other, and give them a new take on their values, beliefs & perception. The crafted activities & developed interesting modules make learning easy & more fun while enabling the participants to unleash their potential.

We aim at empowering the learners to develop positive attitude, self belief & self esteem, effective communication skills, courage to express with ease, cultivate leadership & team spirit, tolerance, sensitivity and respect for others, holistic grooming, thereby constructing a better personality.

Our programs have a distinct flavour of experiential learning that help the participants to get the edge of the concepts that at times they tend to misinterpret. The modules help motivate the participants break the mental barriers and evolve as better performers both as individuals & team members.

We strongly believe that one should learn right values with right attitude and activities undertaken are conducive to the ideal.