At times we are looking for answer without realising that there are just here in front of you.. And that's what we felt after having a session with Sweta maam.. She in the utmost simplicity explained us how can we have a Productive day. And this productive day didn't just have us planning our official task or completing our To do list but helping us have an introspective of what does actually a productive day really mean like..
We have just one life and perhaps how we can plan our day with a very effective small strategy was well explained by her..
I really wish we have such kind mentors who are just right there wanting to help each life.. Thank you so much.

RJ Nisha
92.7 Big FM

Dear Sweta Chowdhury,

The best part of connecting with Amrit Asmi was to know Sweta Choudhury who has an amazing personality. She has the ability to connect with people of all age groups, and help them embark on a journey of mindfulness and transformation. She is not only an excellent motivational speaker, but also a wonderful human being, who has come forward to help the people with certain difficulties through her extraordinary counseling skills. The team Amrit Asmi has gone a long way to bring about positive changes in the lives of many people including us. Heartiest Congratulations to Amrit Asmi on completing 4 successful years and enlightening the lives of many! Way to go Sweta!

Kaziranga University
Jorhat, Assam

Dear Sweta,
As a training co-ordinator, finding the right trainer for any customized training programme is a challenge in itself. Though, a lot of effort goes into collecting feedback, assessing the appeal and command of the trainer on a subject and a lot of other background work, the success of a programme is never assured till everything actually is synchronous to the pulse of the participants. With Shweta, I would say that the assurance was received immediately the moment she started interacting with our lot. A special programme on Motivation and Stress management was designed for the ladies of Guwahati Refinery, the first programme where Shweta Chowdhury was invited as our faculty and there was no looking back from then on. Shweta has complete command on the subjects she deals with and has an instant connect with her audience. She has a seemingly casual way of taking her audience through a topic, which she describes as the "bindaas" attitude, but her techniques are such that she makes an impact that has a lasting effect. With her very unique style of training, Shweta ensures that her audience leaves the class with smiles on their faces, with a sense of satisfaction and with meaningful insights.
Ms Debanuja Borah, AM, L&D, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

I could not meet you in person after the zonal meet. However, I would like to place on record our appreciation to you & your team for conducting various team- building exercises for all our employees.
The level of engagement and energy was positive and encouraging. The feedback was also very impressive , while some of them wanted more of these activates on that day.
Thank you for your support and look forward to have more such engagements in future.
Vijay Y.v.c.s, Executive Director, CML, Tata Trusts

Ms. Sweta Choudhury is a good person, with a genuine passion. She is patient, kind and possesses the gift of helping others. Her professional expertise in psychology brings the topic of team-building alive. I would recommend Sweta as a Psychologist to anyone who is looking for some guidance.
Dr. Sanjay Pratap Singh, Vice Chancellor, Royal Global University

Civil aviation industry’s biggest challenge is not the dearth of Human Resources but finding the right talent, amongst many. Subsequently graduating the select few to a level of a Trainer is the most daunting task for all the organizations operating in the industry. We being an integral part of this industry, until some-time back, could not escape from this Human talent search dogma but to our fortunate stroke of serendipity, we happened to meet Ms Sweta Chowdhury, founder, ‘Amrit Asmi Institute of Living Life’.
The institute, since last many years have been supporting us, by its unique methodologies, in finding the right talents under its ‘Train-the-Trainer’ program. Today, we have more than fifty professional trainers imparting regular trainings - all these trainers were once our general staff. We have not only tied up with the institute to identify the right talents, for maintaining our pool of trainers but also to help many of our staffs in identifying their true potential by the institute’s various “Soft Skills” and “Personality Development” programs.
Ms Sweta, taking liberty of addressing her with her first name, is known to us since last ten years when she had probably just graduated from college and started as a free lance trainer – younger than few of our trainees in the batch. Like it is said, “it is not important to count the distance what one covers but the journey one takes”. Sweta has truly exemplified it by achieving many mile stones. She is an inspiration to many, wewish her and the institute a huge success in all future endeavours.

Rajat Maharishi, Chief Executive Officer, Globe Ground India

It is hereby certified that M/s Sweta Chowdhury has been one of the most sought after trainers for MMTC Limited. She has held numerous training program for it's women employees as well as for the newly joined officers, which comprised of professionals like CAs, ICWAs and MBAs. The insights provided by her for self development as well as for working in teams were unique. This was possible only because she studied the trainee profiles thoroughly in order to ensure that she would deliver a program providing insights / solutions which were relevant and replicable in real life situations. The popularity of her programs can be gauged from the fact that any advance intimation of her program resulted in pre booking of the training slots by the potential trainees. Now with her latest initiative - "Amrit Asmi" I am confident that Ms Sweta Chowdhury will enlighten many more. I wish her all the success for this venture.

Subhash Bhasker, Addl. General Manager, MMTC Limited

Our students speak

I am very happy to share with you all something,. that what ever I learnt from spiritual's working and this is seen in my day to day life..I feel more energetic happy and everything around me seems to be more healthy and it's only through these techniques I could bring change in my self. Thank you Sweta ji.

Rekha A

I have attended so many, but I have not met someone like you - I never realised that 4 hours had passed.

Shivani, Jalandhar

I feel blessed to be a part of “The Therapist” program presented by Amrit Asmi Institute of Living Life. It’s not only just a Certified Program; rather it’s a life changing program where we can witness ourselves with a different perspective with a feeling of divine energies surrounding us. It endows us with variety of skills and knowledge that helped me identify and heal my inner self. It gave me an insight of how our mind and body works together, about the aura and chakras and its significance in healing, the concept karma and its learning is beautiful .My favourite part of the program which is cracking the core issue of the clients and guide with resolutions for it .It is a turning point in my life from being just a “PSYCHOLOGIST” with academic knowledge to a “THERAPIST” with the combination of knowledge with therapeutic skills. The Therapist program is an excellent stepping stone for all the people who intend to become successful practitioners and step to experience and witness a “New and Unique Us”.

Sanjana Raaj, CMR University, Bangalore

Today’s workshop was just amazing... I think the knowledge about Crystal Healing is the another best way to work as a channel for others as well as for others.

Anisha Konwar

The crystal workshop was such a beautiful experience. At the beginning of the workshop the way we saw the energy of the crystals with the pendulum was mesmerizing. I feel blessed to have this witness and learn about crystals.

Anisha Sheikh

I call it a lifetime learning experience in most easy and fun loving way provided by Amrit अस्मि institution. The Training was clear, logical and effective; Sweta maam has obviously put a lot of thought, knowledge and experience behind it. The main benefits came from doing activities, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Ma’am Sweta Chowdhury and other participants. This training has helped me to grow my confidence in professional as well as in personal life. I am. Duty Officer for Passenger services at Mumbai airport and it is always very important to understand your guest as most of the time it's a high pressure job. In this training I learnt how to Understand and deal with customer in all situations and also learnt how to keep balance within and perform in any situation.

Hemant Damre, Duty Officer, Bird Worldwide Flight Services Mumbai.

In life many people say that my teacher has taught me a lot in life and now I am one of them Sweta ma'am had come to Bombay to teach us how to be trainers but she did way more than that she taught us how to be positive how to be at ease how to accept your good and bad both how to go on and most importantly it's okay to be scared and have fears but it's how u accept Ur fears and face it and I am thankful to her because whatever she taught has helped in both personal and professional life thank you sweta ma'am Amrit asmi for such a good trainer and guru.

Johan Dmello, BWSF Supervisor

The healing experience with Sweta Ma’am was one that I will always remember and cherish. I love the way she balances the fine line between being sensitive to someone in pain and being professional simultaneously. I have been fortunate enough to having had the chance to see her very often in the role of a therapist as well as trainer. Both have been great learning experiences for me. I remember telling her once that I am so done with psychology and I don’t think I would ever want to get into practice because I feel tired emotionally and don’t feel ready enough to facilitate someone else’s growth. But the brilliant part is that not only I got healed but also I have enrolled myself for her trainings and now I feel I can contribute something good to the loves of other people. This not only happened because she talked me into it but because I gradually started feeling strong and ready for challenges in life. I would always be grateful to her for being the way she is both personally and professionally.

Shivali Kashyap, Research Scholar, Psychology, IIT Guwahati

Its been a soulful journey with ‘Amrit Asmi’ whose motto says ‘it’s all within us’. The finest part of Amrit Asmi was meeting Sweta Chowdhury, the founder of this institute of living life. She is the perfect combination of a guide and motivator through whom we got our learnings. She introduced us to the ‘light’ within us.

Kasturi Borah, Psychology Student

I thank Sweta Chowdhury Ma’am for all the learning. It feels like I have discovered a “NEW ME” in every aspect.

Namrata Rabha, Psychology Student

From the first day of being a member, a student of this institution, I started getting all the answers to my questions and get all the learning that is mandatory for a healthy life and to become a better therapist.

Jahnabi Rajbonghsi, Psychology Student

Thank you Maam for providing us this beautiful journey of love and knowledge. It has changed my life and my perspective towards life.

Sanjana Raj, Psychology Student

The most important thing that I learnt during the program ‘The Therapist’ is once we change the way we perceive the World, it shows us its wonders and beauty in every simple thing.

Pooja Basumatary, Psychology Student

A step towards my goal...completing the program ‘the therapist’ at Amrit Asmi. My hearty thanks to Sweta Chowdhury Ma’am, the coolest teacher I have ever met. Blessed to have teacher like you Ma’am.

Jubilee Saikia, Psychology Student

I still remember the day I walked into the class and how much changed I am now....Completely different! It’s just because of you and your blessings......You taught me control my life....And every single day in your class was like a magic....You are a blessing to us by God, the pure and perfect channel of light.....It is very difficult to express in words but ma’am you came as an ANGEL in my life. Thank you so much ma’am for everything....

Leeza Hazarika, Psychology Student

It was a privilege and a blessing learning under you Maam. Journey since module 1 till now at Amrit Asmi was so mesmerizing.

Mourovi Singh, Psychology Student